18 Apr

I’m Not Coaching Her, I Swear!

It’s official, my daughter is a ham! I finished the red ruffle jacket today and asked her to put it on so I could take a picture. She immediately started to strike poses and bat eyelashes for the camera.

Red Ruffle Jacket

Yes, she is amazingly cute, as is the jacket, but where is this coquettish-ness coming from? Really, we are not enrolled in some Wilhemina or other modeling agency correspondence courses — really!

Red Ruffle Jacket detail

Check out the adorable Fliegenpilz patch I ordered from Katalina of My Wild Child. In hindsight, I probably should have trimmed the pink background a little closer and put it up higher, but for some reason I was seeing the pocket and patch as one unit. Probably because I had originally envisioned the patch ON the pocket. BTW, the kind-of matching skirt is from her Grandma. Who says redheads can’t wear red?

12 thoughts on “I’m Not Coaching Her, I Swear!

  1. I don’t!
    I love red and you know that my hair is… well… ehm… kind of “bright red”.

    The jacket is lovely, as is the skirt. I love the ruffles you put on the jacket – so sweet! And Katja is such a cute model, she will be vogue-covergirl someday! 😉

  2. You cannot possibly put too many pictures of Katja posing on your blog. There’s never enough color for me….so uplifting. Bye the way-I thoroughly enjoyed the links you put on the first thinking blog entry. You clearly have exactly the sense of humor that I adore. Not enough laughter lately either…I loved the comment Terry made about being too old to dwell on such serious stuff. That is exactly how I feel. I try to stay informed and remain aware of the important news but goodness-don’t we need to smile and feel good as well. The state of the world is enough to take to your bed and never get up again. I need smiles like Katja’s and some fun diversion as well. Thank you, Kristen for sharing your world with us.

  3. How did Katja become such a ham? I think that different people see the world through different eyes. As you were growing up you translated the world into 2-dimensional images down to the most subtle detail. Now Katja is translating the actions down to the most subtle detail, even though I’ve never seen a fashion magazine at your house.

  4. What an adorable jacket! She is so cute with her little poses…maybe she was inspired by her beautiful new jacket with a little mix of natural coquettishness mixed in.

  5. I would never say a redhead can’t wear red, and what a wonderful red jacket to wear! Isn’t it a shame that as we get older we forget the thrill of a fun and funky jacket and wear what we are “supposed” to? The joy in a new jacket — now that is something to smile about.

  6. I have been internetless and am late to say how adorable she is – of course, I already knew that. I am at the Oakland airport – heading home!

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