14 Jun

Day 15

We’re really moving now. Today we crossed into Arizona, the fourth state on our trip. But first, we stopped at Hoover Dam.

The main reason we added the dam to our itinerary was because of the Percy Jackson books. I was looking for something more kid friendly after Vegas and remembered that the kids got a huge kick out of the mock swearing in one of the books where Percy and friends went to the dam and got some dam fries at the dam gift shop. We didn’t get fries but we entertained ourselves with hours of puns about the dam bathroom and the dam parking garage and any other dam thing we could think of.

Once we posted a few photos on Facebook that started a whole line of Transformer references too, which, since we went on the Transformers ride at Universal Studios on Day 9, got me thinking about threads already running through this trip.

Hawaii is lingering with us. I have not yet changed the clock on my car dashboard, so she’s still on Island Time. I think it will stay this way until we get to VA (she’s got Hawaii license plates after all). I had a pineapple mojito at Cheesecake Factory, and the last beer at my Dad’s was a Longboard that hubby drank. There was a SUP festival at Santa Monica Pier when we were there, to include some pretty good hula performances. One of our meals was at Islands restaurant, and we stopped at the 7-Eleven at the Hawaiian Marketplace in Vegas and talked story too.


Twelve by Twelve is following me too. It started in LA when I realized that ever conversation about where we were going eventually broke down into the series of numbers representing which sequence of freeways we’d be taking (do we take the 605 to the 405 to the 10 to the 210, or do we take the 23 to the 105 to…) just like Diane’s Maps quilt. Then there were the Lorikeets on Day 8 — that was one of our Colorplay challenges. Yesterday, I was again reminded of Diane and her freeway research when I saw this Alien Crossing T-shirt in Baker, CA.


Of course Route 66 has to be part of a road trip. We started at the end in Santa Monica:

And now we’ve ticked off Kingman, Barstow, San Bernardino (in reverse order to the song). We ended the day back on 66 in Williams, AZ, but I know there will be more in the days ahead.

(I tried to get a picture of a Burma Shave sign, but kept missing.)