12 Apr

More Spring Break Fun

All the kids are on vacation this week — both those in the local German schools and those in American schools. So on Tuesday, the neighbors and I packed up our Germerican families and went to Legoland for the day. It was everything one would expect it to be, and since we are swimming pictures from no less than five visits to three Legolands in the last eight years, I don’t have much to show this time around.

The favorite attractions for our kids are driving-related. Zavi was extremely excited that this year he could go to the Fahrschule, where the kids learn and actually have to follow the rules of the road in their Lego cars. Katja went to the simpler Jr. Fahrschule. Also big this year was the Drome racing since Zavi is now tall enough to do that alone as well.

Lego Driving School

New this year is the pirate themed area (sorry Katrin, I didn’t get any foam swords for you). The best attraction had to be the boat ride where you and your shipmates can squirt water guns at the other boats or the onlookers. Of course, they can all squirt at you too. Great fun for a hot day.

Ahoy Mateys!

But watch out for Lego sharks!

Shark attack!

Oh, I couldn’t pass the bargain tent without checking what they had. As luck would have it, there were Schulränzen for about 75% off! I have a certain little girl who will be starting school in September and needs one of these. She needs to grow some over the summer so we can see her over the backpack though!

New school backpack

3 thoughts on “More Spring Break Fun

  1. Pink!!!
    it’s pink!
    can you imagine how i dreamed of a pink schulranzen back then?!
    but in the early 80s there only were huntergreen, dark blue and orange ones.
    guess which one i got… :/

    i envy your little princess for her lovely pink schulranzen! 😉

  2. oh, Legoland! I haven’t been to any in a while, and I love them… it’s not silly to go with just a bunch of (young) adults, is it? 😉

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