09 Apr

Seeing Red

Nope, no rants today, rather, a lot of happy red showing up in my projects. After the pants sucess yesterday, I dove into a (sort of) matching jacket today. It’s not done yet, as I need to sew the cuffs up, add buttons, and add patch pockets with a Fliegenpilz on one (waiting for the Fliegenpilz patch to arrive in the mail). The jacket is fully lined and started with a Burda pattern which I shortened and added the ruffles to. I have used an amazing amount of red top-stitch thread in the last two days, but it’s totally worth the extra effort. I’m really liking how these two projects are turning out.
Katja's Red Jacket WIP

And, speaking of red projects, I FINALLY painted and hung the shelf I’ve been wanting in my sewing room for about four months. (I’ve had the brackets for at least five years.) I painted my storage box (with a Fliegenpilz-inspired drawer), and covered a bulletin board with Terry’s great silk-screened fabric and a Fliegenpilz border, of course.

Sewing Room Shelf and Storage

In the name of “keeping it real,” I tried to refrain from cleaning up too much before taking these pictures. To be truthful though, I did move several piles of papers and works-in-progress to the bed on the other side of the room. I let the piles of blue and red fabrics stay since they matched. I’m not showing you the bed, but hopefully it will be cleaned off and have a coordinating quilt by the end of May when my MIL will claim this as her room for a while. Hmmm, May. Maybe not the quilt.
The pretty and tidy side of the Sewing Room

4 thoughts on “Seeing Red

  1. How could you be in anything but a great playful mood wearing such an adorable jacket! The shelf and bracket are wonderful and I love your collection of mushrooms.

  2. What a great jacket! The photos of your sewing room are wonderful–I love the red/white polka dot drawer.

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