08 Apr

Everything Except Quilting

We’ve been keeping pretty busy here, Chez La Flamme. I had intended to blog stuff about three times, but I never got around to it, so here’s the (sort of) condensed version.

Thursday was the first day both kids were home for Osterferien (Spring Break), so we made homemade pretzels. Katja really enjoyed the “knetten” (kneading), although she wasn’t exactly efficient.

Poking, prodding....

She didn’t mind the sticky dough either.

Look, it's sticking to my fingers!

Friday we drove to Wiesbaden (where we used to live) to visit friends. Why is it that people HAVE to stop on overpasses and watch the cars?

Must. Watch. Cars.

The moms got a kid-free evening playing Bunco with other wives. I was the “ringer” from out of town and took home $90 in winnings! Somehow, I think I might not get invited back 😉

The next day we all dyed Easter eggs.

Not fancy, but the kids had fun.

Then we took a walk to see the baby sheep in the fields nearby.

Baby Sheep--awwww

Afterwards, we packed a lunch and took our friends to the Fasanerie on the other side of the city. It has a great playground I knew the kids would love, and lots of animals to see. Unfortunately, the playground is in the middle of renovations, so we couldn’t use it. It looks like it’s going to be even better than before, with water pumps, streams, bridges, chutes, lots of places to climb, lots of seating for parents and picnicking, etc. No problem, the kids were happy enough checking out the bunnies, sheep, deer, bears, wolves, martins, and buffalo. They loved feeding the sheep and deer.

There were lots of babies at the Fasanerie too. This little guy had just been born the night before:

Brand new baby

The boars had babies too. TS&WGH loved their racing stripes!

How could babies so cute grow up so ugly?

We came home Saturday night, and had an Easter feast for breakfast this morning. Then I retired to my sewing room and made a cute pair of pants from the red fabric I got at the Betty Barclay factory sale.

Cardiff Pants

I went a little mad last week and ordered trims, patches and patterns from a few German sources. I got this pattern (Cardiff) and the polka dotted trim at the knees (and hips) from Farbenmix. Hopefully, next week I’ll have a Farbenmix dress to show too (believe it or not, I may be able to work in some Oma fabric!). Now, I’m off to work on a jacket with the rest of the red fabric. Hopefully, I’ll get my Fliegenpilz patches and trim before I get too deep into that project.

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