02 Jun

Day 3

So, I was thinking this phone blogging on the road would be a Where’s Waldo or Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego kind of thing. But, here we are, in the same place.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Being early risers, we didn’t have too long a wait for breakfast at Eggs n Things. The girl proclaimed her waffle “epic.”


She and I also got pedicures with little flowers, or “pua,” so we could properly represent Hawaii on our road trip. I don’t know if we could so easily get pretty flower pedicures in Virginia.


The rest of the day was pool side. Reading, drinking, swimming, talking story.

Dinner was at Duke’s because we hadn’t been there yet. Food was good, but I have to admit Nico’s from Wednesday night was better. Nico’s didn’t have uncle and two aunties in muu muus strolling around serenading the diners though. We requested some classic Hawaiian music when they got to us and they regaled us with Sophisticated Hula and The Hukilau Song. My grandfather used to sing the Hukilau song to us, so it has a special place in my heart. I told the aunties I knew the song and they insisted I get up and dance with them. So, I did. I can sway my hips just fine and they gave me prompts for the hand movements. It was sweet, and a lovely way to end one of our last days here in Hawaii.