30 Mar

Need more help — from Germans

I have a special request for my German readers and lurkers. A few months ago, during Fliegenpilz-mania another blogger posted a link to some very cute green ribbon with red Fliegenpilz on it. I am now ready to buy some, but I don’t remember who wrote about it, or where they found it. Googling for “mushroom ribbon” and “Fliegenpilz Bänder” wasn’t very helpful. I thought maybe one of you knows where this ribbon is hiding (no it’s not hiding at Farbenmix).

7 thoughts on “Need more help — from Germans

  1. Hach, das wollte ich Dir auch gerade sagen… gelesen hattest Du es wahrscheinlich bei Sabine (Sweet Caroline).
    Lieben Gruss!

  2. Doh! You may call me the stupid American — when Alex mentioned that I had seen the ribbon on Sabine’s blog, I went there to look closer. Guess what I had found? The link back to MY blog where I added the link to the ribbon found on her blog! All I had to do was check my own blog! Double Doh!

  3. Haha, das lese ich jetzt erst…!
    I am often missing things, looking for them for several days or even weeks only to find out I placed them exactly where they should have been… Vielleicht sollten wir einfach alles, was uns irgendwie wichtig erscheint beizeiten aufschreiben, wuerde uns sicher Zeit und Nerven sparen.

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