26 May

An Experiment

The move is well on it’s way now. One car and all our belongings (except the luggage we’ll have with us) are packed and on their way. Here’s what our living room looked like three days ago:

What may or may not be obvious is that my computer is one of the items packed away which I won’t see again until mid-July. So, my experiment is whether or not I can blog from my iPhone. Sure, hubby’s got a laptop and an iPad, and the kids share an iPad, but they are busy reading books and watching movies on those devices, and the things like mail and Facebook are set to their settings. My phone is mine, and has all my apps and settings, so why not give it a try?!

I could easily access my nifty new WordPress blog/site with Safari, but grabbing code from Flickr didn’t work like on my computer. No worries, hubby reminds me that there’s an app for that! I downloaded the WordPress app, and look, I’m blogging from my iPhone, complete with access to my photos here! There was a moment when I had to go to the web version to change a setting and hubby offered his laptop with it’s bigger screen, but in the spirit of the experiment, I used the phone for that too!


And in the spirit of even more experimentation, I’m going to join penpencilpaperdraw in drawing more and try to keep up here on the blog, on the road. these favorite “slippers” of mine are made for walking. Let’s see how far we get.

4 thoughts on “An Experiment

  1. I look forward to seeing/hearing about your newest move. My phone only phones and texts and take pictures, I’m happy that way. I also found Terry Grants,Pen,Pencil,Paper-Draw. I think I’ll see how long I can keep up and hopefully broaden my sketching skills. Safe journey for you and your family. =!=

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