26 Mar

Step Away From The Pins

Good friends of ours will be having a baby in May. Since I already made a quilt for their first child, I figured it would be no surprise if I made one for the second, so I could ask the mom if she had any color or design preferences. She said she would probably go for a ladybug theme in the baby’s room and I was off and running! I knew I didn’t want to get too literal, and I wasn’t in the mood for appliqué anyways. I had made a small paper pieced ladybug quilt, but that was a but too fussy for my mood as well. I was leaning towards freely cut Drunkard’s Path blocks when Brenda posted her two baby quilts, here and here, and that pretty much sealed the deal.

I finally got some time to work on the quilt last week. Even though the quilt is made primarily out of stuff in my scrap bag (and why won’t it ever approach empty?) I wanted to do a good job, so after stacking and cutting my green and red pairs, I diligently marked my curves and pinned them at strategic points. Darn, there’s puckers. So, I clipped the curves and added more pins. Still puckers! Sure, I could steam the bejeezus out of the blocks, but that’s wasn’t really the right answer. I made a half dozen of these blocks, cursing myself for being so lame at something everyone else seems to be doing with ease.

Then I thought some more about how I was doing it. When I do a traditional Drunkard’s Path, I add seam allowances to both the concave and the convex templates and they no longer nest perfectly together until you sew them together. My stacked and cut pieces fit together fine — until they were sewn. Doh! That’s why no one uses pins with this method! By not pinning (like when I did the gentle curves in my Traumwald and Fliegenpilz I quilts, and the bathmat) the shapes can ease together in a “close-enough” kind of way, and then you just trim off all that messy edges stuff.

So, I pushed the pincushion to the back of the sewing table and just winged it. Ahhhhh, much better! Now I just have to embroider a few more antennae and then it’s ready to quilt 🙂

Ladybug quilt work in progress

BTW, I can totally see a Fliegenpilz version of this for the guest bed/sewing room staging area.

13 thoughts on “Step Away From The Pins

  1. How clever to use the drunkard’s path block this way. I love how the ladybugs look against the green background, a beautiful spring garden.

  2. How cute!! You are so creative with these traditional blocks. I especially loved Brenda’s Violet Crumble.

    You know that I would always prefer to stitch a quilt without pins!

  3. Kristin… you already know I love your work because it’s art, it’s beautiful and inspiring… and now it’s also CUTE!
    those ladybugs are awesome… I need to steal this idea for the next baby!

    (your tile sounds like a police-thing… “step away from the pins… put your hands on the fabric pile where I can see it… ” *gg*)

  4. Kristin, what a wonderful answer to a baby quilt made by a quilt artist! This quilt looks wonderful and any baby would be lucky to have it! Great job!

  5. I think your site is great…what I can see of it. None of the pictures are showing, so I will try again another time.

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