19 May

On to Another Move

So now that I’ve moved/updated my website, I can focus on moving the rest of our life. At the end of May, we will be leaving Hawai’i and heading across the great expanse of the United States to our next home in Virginia. Two weeks ago, a small (200 pounds) shipment of things we’d need first, like bedding, some clothes, and basic kitchen supplies (plus some games and the kids’ scooters), got packed up and sent ahead. We are finishing up things like K’s participation in the Hawai’i Youth Symphony (a wonderful program BTW), and my kick boxing class. The kids’ last day of Taekwondo is Monday. A tired old rug and recliner went away on the last bulk trash day. On Tuesday, we dropped off my car at the vehicle processing center and it should now be on it’s way to Los Angeles where we will meet it for the next phase of the adventure.

Today we tried to lighten our load with a garage sale. There was disappointingly few customers, but we did manage to sell two big pieces in our futon and fish tank. All the little stuff we loaded into the mini and took to Goodwill. Then off to the dump to ditch a cute, but distressed desk (we won’t be here on the next bulk trash day), and then made an appointment with the Salvation Army to come pick up two dressers next week.

The real excitement starts Tuesday when the packers come to wrap, box, inventory, and load all our household goods into huge wooden crates to be put on a ship and sent away to our new home. We are on the move!

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