24 Mar

The Snowy Day

Winter made one last feeble attempt to assert itself this week. Thursday and Friday brought us our second snow “storm” of the season with wet, heavy, slushy snow.

Katja with a snowball

Perfect for making snowballs! Very confusing for the garden though. Our crocus bloomed in late January after our last snow, and everything is budding now. I think the dafodils will suffer, but since the tulips haven’t bloomed yet, they should be OK. Katja was in heaven and splished and sploshed all the way to Kindergarten yesterday.

Katja's Snowy Day

She reminds me a little of Peter from The Snowy Day. (One of my vary favorite childhood books — the illustrations in which would make great quilts now that I look at it with a quilter’s eyes.)

Inside the house, who could get anything done on the computer with helpers like this:

Computer Helper

The snow has all melted now, and the usual springtime temperatures are predicted for tomorow.

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