22 Mar


Tuesday night was “Quilted Chaos,” the mostly American, very informal, quilt group that meets in the area twice a month. I had to share D’s Süße Sac she brought. She took my class months ago and has made several more bags since. Sorry for the crappy lighting, but I loved the cute Valentine fabric combined with her meticulously pieced half-square triangles. It’s so great to see someone take something you’ve taught them and be inspired enough to go run with it!

D's Süße Sac

Speaking of sharing, Terry sent me a wonderful little package after our swap. She said that although she got a quilt from me, and my mom got a quilt from her, I didn’t get anything (other than that little thing called life I got from my mom). So she sent me a cute tin hand milagro from her trip to Mexico, some fun fabrics from her favorite shop (I already know what I’m doing with the red polka dots) and a piece of gorgeous silk screened fabric she made herself. I was going to be stingy with it, but I just realized that it’s the perfect size to cover a pin-board that I have, so it’s going to be part of my new decor in my sewing room (don’t hold your breath for “after” pics).

Fun fabrics from a friend

And lastly, since I usually share pictures of my cute daughter, I thought it was time to share one of my son. We went out to dinner last week and at one point I looked up to see this:

Headless Zavi


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  1. oooooh… new treasures!
    the silk screened fabric is beautiful, and so is the striped one. what will you do with your sewing room? a complete makeover or just small changes here and there?

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