15 May


I think I’ve got it! There are a few more refinements to be made, and a few things I don’t love, but can’t change, but here it is — my newly renovated website and blog. Click around and check it out (feel free to let me know if you run across any egregiously messed-up links, as I know they are lurking all over the place). Please take a look at the galleries. They are my favorite, and finally, all the Army Wife ladies are in one place! My old blog will stick around for a while as random things still link over there, but this should be my new home now.

5 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. I love your new site! Meant to tell you earlier, but things got away from me…. I love how clean and fresh and light it looks! Love the stitchy logo, did you do it specifically for the site or did it come from an artwork?

  2. Looks great! I love the Army Wife series, particularly the aprons. The combination of the subject matter on such an iconic item is very very powerful.

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