28 Feb

Swaps Rock!

I’ve been a little remiss in posting about a recent swap. Partly, I was waiting for the parties involved to get their packages, but I’ve also been a bit lazy about posting in general.

About a month ago, Terry posted a picture of her latest little quilt — an Oregon Junko in a snow. My mom’s birthday was approaching and Terry’s little bird just seemed perfect for her (newly transplanted to Oregon) and her Craftsman house. Unfortunately for me, that little bird was spoken for, but Terry was generous enough to offer to make another one — if I’d swap one of my quilts for it. Oh, twist my arm! Ouch, ouch ;-P

My Village Series #4 seemed like an appropriate swap size-wise and such, but I wasn’t feeling totally confident about the quilt (I’m warming up to it though, and I have an idea of where it might be happy). So, I dug around until I found another painted house bit and built a new, more organized, quilt around it. So, here’s my half of the swap:

Village Series #6

Village Series #6, Welcome to the Neighborhood     2007     17″ x17″

My mom has received her Little Bird, and Terry has her Village Series. It appears that everyone is happy — especially me! THANKS for the swap Terry.

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