23 Feb

Village Series #1

Two things: Wow, I have a series that is really a series! And, how can I be at #1 when I’ve already posted #3 through #6?

Last year’s work for my show got me to focus on a “body of work.” Now that has focus has birthed a series. A year ago, the thought of a series boggled my mind. I couldn’t imagine that I could approach the same imagery or theme, or even technique, more than once. (My earlier quilts are ALL OVER the map.) This is no in-depth, finesse-the-details, series a la Nancy Crow, but it’s a breakthrough for me. It started with the work I did at Art Quilt Tahoe, and then has flowed into a few more little quilts using leftovers from AQT and a continuation of the techniques, color palette and house imagery. Quilts #1 and #2 were begun at AQT, but I was at a loss as to how I’d quilt them, so I warmed up with #3 and #4. #5 jumped the queue as it is for the “Dream Houses” competition in Berlin this summer; and I made #6 especially for a swap. So, now I’ve worked my way back to #1.

Village Series #1

Village Series #1, 2007 28″ x 34″

Village Series #1, detail

I think I’ll try to baste #2 tonight (and there’s a few pieces of fabric on my design wall destined to become #7).

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  1. Kristin these are wonderful. I also like your postcard series and can hardly wait to see this technique in a larger quilt. Cheers!

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