21 Feb

Faschings Dienstag

You didn’t think it was over yet, did you? Tuesday, being Faschings Dienstag, was another parade day. The kids and I went to the next town over where we had gone last year. I apologize to everyone for posting so many pictures. I tried to make this a highlights post, but it’s all so much fun I had a hard time passing anything up.

We saw my new favorites: the witches with faces that looked like tree stumps. The red-with-white-polka-dot witches were back again too. Check last year’s post to see them if you’d like. The pink cowboys with the papier mâche horse from last year were also back, but this time they were dressed as Bavarians and had a giant papier mâche beer stein. I’m guessing: a) they are a club devoted to drinking; and b) someone really likes to papier mâche.

These guys looked like they were having fun:

I don’t think I’ve shown the German version of cheerleaders yet. They have a special name like Princess Corps, but I forgot it. Adult ones show up at weddings too, like bridesmaids. The braids come with the hats. These ones had a well choreographed little dance…

…which went well with the music from the band ahead of them. Typical parade music is either bouncing pop blaring from loudspeakers (in carts or floats) or “Gugga” which involves a lot of fast, rhythmic percussion with this thing. I don’t know what it’s called either, but here’s a link to a video of another band which pretty much captures the sound (it’s the knocking/clopping sound).

I can’t explain this apparent beverage dispenser. I’m afraid to ask.

This band from Stuttgart had the coolest costumes. I’m thinking it’s an Undersea Biker Mariachi kinda look (with fur).

Their leader rocked too. How often do you get to see a bald man with his head painted like he’s Neptune’s nephew, wearing a Goth stand-up collared cape (as part of the whole biker-mariachi thang), playing the trombone?

These bakers were cute. I’m sure the wagon o’ beer helps a lot with the baking.

Part of their schtick involved throwing flour at unsuspecting onlookers (like me), or just in general:

And, of course, there were witches.

Did you catch those shoes?

I think there were more witches than last year.

Or, if the witches are too scary, there was a group of gnomes:

And now I know EXACTLY what I’m going to do with that bag of double-knit house dresses I have — I’m making next year’s Fasching costume!

8 thoughts on “Faschings Dienstag

  1. Don’t apologize for posting photos like this! You do them well, and I love seeing these glimpses of another culture.

  2. You mean “Prinzengarde”.
    (almost) Every Faschingsclub has it´s own Prinzengarde. The girls are dancing in the pictured outfit as well as various show-outfits.
    Personally I don´t like the first version, but the showdances are often very nice.

    I love your pictured Fleckerlhexen!

  3. I love your blog and in particular your pictures of German life. I’m a SAHM who used to teach German, so this is such a treat! Vielen Dank!

  4. it’s fun to see our german fastnacht commented as “another culture”. that’s why I love this blog so much. *giggle* sounds like some aboriginees.

    die gardemädchen have to pay for their outfits, they cost around 1000 euro! their dances are really hard work, so very fast.

    you know, more than three germans together form a club, thus having all excuses to drink and party.

    just around kristin’s corner

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