18 Feb

Buttonhole Bag redo

When I downloaded the pictures from the Fasching parade I realized that I hadn’t posted my finished Buttonhole bag. I had made one in November, but it was too small to fit my wallet plus anything else. So, I increased the size by about half again.

Buttonhole Bag #2: the Big one

I used up lots of leftover yarn, and loved knitting from my Fliegenpilz stitch marker to the plain beaded one, increasing, the knitting back around to the Fliegenpilz, increasing, and repeating. Woo hoo — each time I reached the cute little mushroom bead I had completed another round! I’m easily amused.

As before, two times through my American washing machine with a pair of jeans or two resulted in a nice sturdy felted bag:

Still a Big one

I can fit all kinds of stuff in this one 🙂 I seem to have a consistency problem though. Not only did I forget that I had these photos to share, but I forgot to make sure my buttonhole handles were centered (makes for a slightly off-kilter bag), and I forgot to include the CD for scale in the “after” picture so that you could see how much it shrunk. I did the same thing with the first bag, not thinking about using a CD for scale at my sister’s so that I could be consistent when I got home. It shrunk about a third, by the way.

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