18 Feb

Hellau and Ahoi!

This is what people yell in Fasching parades as a greeting. It is hoped that the greeting is returned and the crowd is then pelted with candy and popcorn. Last year I posted about some Fasching traditions, and have a video from the previous year. This year’s parade didn’t dissapoint. So off we go (Zavi is a ninja and Katja chose “flower princess” over the previous days’ cat and witch costumes) :

These tinselly witches looked great when they moved:

This guy was on the tallest stilts I’ve ever seen:

Who could resist this women’s club dressed as ice cream cones?

Loved the polar bears!

But what I really enjoyed this year was the funny little details (it’s hard to say whether the bottle around mama bear’s neck is for her or baby bear). The most popular costume — at least amongst the young, drunk, adult crowd — seemed to be a sort of “party animal” getup: black makeup with bright colored powder blown over it, paint splattered overalls and/or dirty fur coats, crazy fuzzy hats, big boots and mirrored cop glasses. One of these guys came up to TS&WGH looking like he was going to plant a big juicy one on his lips. End up the partyer had makeup on his hands and just smeared color on my man’s face.

I noticed a little later that they had gotten one of the Polizei as well. I love authority figures with a sense of humor. The fireman who was in charge of the stretch of street across from us had a sense of humor too. He got painted by a “party animal,” was given a shot of schnaps by a witch, and danced with a snow woman:

I love the groups that dress like witches. There are soooooo many variations on the theme. I’d love the know what was in their pot/cauldron:

Each group had a cart of some sort with their name and parade number on it. More importantly, the carts usually had snacks, drinks (alcoholic, caffienated, or both), and loud dance music — like this speaker-laden wagon:

Check out the party keg and coordinated bottle holder on this cart (oh yes, they had awesome headdresses too):

Oooh, vintage stroller filled with bread, apfelschörle, and coffee:

Now this guy is prepared! It’s like a Batman belt for parties:

I loved this knight’s treasure box. I’m not sure what’s inside, but you have to give kudos for a castle on wheels pull-toy!

This poor little panda bear pooped out before the end of the parade:

I’m trying watermarking my photos. I haven’t had any issues with misuse, but I figure prevention is the best measure. We’ll see if it drives me nuts or not.

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  1. helau!
    seems you had a nice time at the faschingsumzug. i´ll see if i can find some pictures of our rhöner witches in their traditional wooden masks – i think you´ll like those 🙂

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