07 May

Do I Really NEED a Website?

My new website was looking pretty good. Until it wasn’t. In trying to finesse a few things with some custom code (of which I know next to nothing), I may have lost a bunch of work that I’ve been doing over the last month. This whole process has become a two steps forward, one step back kind of thing. Sometimes, like last night it’s one step forward, two steps back. Oh, and yes, I’m kicking myself for not having backed up as I went.

But, all this frustration with building what I want (design habits die hard, even though my inner code monkey knows I can’t handle it) makes me wonder why I bother at all. Do I really NEED a website? Sure, it’s nice to see my work all together in neatly packaged online galleries, but are there that many people who want to take a gander? I use tags in my blog posts, so one could pull up work just by using the lovely search button in my blog sidebar.

Websites are great for my friends and peers who have services to offer like classes and books and kits and things. You need a place where readers can easily find those things and sign up or order or check prices and availability. But I don’t really do workshops, and my work isn’t the kind that anyone says, “ooh, I want to learn how to make that!” nor does it lend itself to kits or technique tutorials.

My current website no longer reflects where I am, and I’ve been wanting to update it for over a year. My new website is driving me nuts trying to get what’s in my head out on screen. So, in an effort to have some closure, and get back to the actual artmaking, I’m wondering why I shouldn’t just remove the website aspect, choose an acceptable WordPress Theme for my blog, plug in my pretty new header, and move on with life? Or delete it all and just have a Facebook fan page?

9 thoughts on “Do I Really NEED a Website?

  1. If you had solved all of these problems yesterday, where would you be now? Moving forward, tweaking some design aspect, picking up something dropped in the meantime, etc? In other words, walking, skipping or running. But just as a long crawling stage can benefit a child, perhaps there’s something necessary and beneficial in your long struggle. Something at the back of your brain may be moving forward to your heart and if you listen perhaps you’ll be glad for all of this. May I suggest that something bigger than your webpage is what this may be about. Something creative … If so, don’t give up.

  2. Why not have only a blog? The blog is where the social interaction resides. It seems that blog tools are getting more and more versatile. Save yourself the frustration now and then when you find yourself with more time (yeah, that will happen) try the website again.

  3. please, no FB. i’d never see you again.

    but, yes, i advocate the simple blog plan. it (kind of) works for me, but you might not like the drawbacks…

    good luck with the decision.

  4. I’ve asked myself that many times. You’d be surprised who is looking at it – I’ve gotten publication opportunities and sales from mine when I figured it was just sitting there doing nothing.

    The fact is that when you are talking to a gallery or other venue about showing your work, they want simple. They want to click a link and go see your portfolio. Not friend you on facebook or sift through a blog. So that’s why I’ve kept mine. Made it ubber simple so I don’t want to burn it down every time I add something and we get along just fine now. 🙂


  5. In my view, a simple but up-to-date online gallery is essential for the 21st century artist that seeks to share their work with an online audience. Using a blogging platform such as WordPress is an easy and effective way to maintain such a site and there is no shame in using a reputable theme and making minimal changes. IMHO it’s more important to get your work up there than have a super-styled layout and/or complex site structure with customised coding that is stretching your technical resources.

    Oh, and ditto what Kim said!

  6. All hail my Code Monkey. He ferreted out the problem and the web site lives to see another day. No worries, I hear you all and even if the web site throws a hissy fit and I burn it down, I promise I will not resort to a Face Book page. Simple blog, maybe.

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