18 Apr


Several years ago, I had a wonderful experience quilting a zig zag quilt top I purchased from fellow quilter Wanda, and gave to my daughter. She’s wrapped up in it with our cat right now.

Just recently, I wanted to make a quilt for my exchange student daughter’s Sweet 16, and zig zags seemed to fit the bill. Even starting this one from scratch, it was a pure pleasure to make.

Zig Zag!

I quilted each colorful stripe with variegated rainbow thread and it blended so perfectly no matter what colors were present.

Rainbow thread for the colored zig zags.

I used wool batting which was light and squishy and lovely to work with.
I love how squishy wool batting makes a quilt.

I received an adorable photo of my “hanai” (adopted in the heart) daughter looking all comfy snuggled in her new quilt, but I can’t get it to post here, so here’s my photo of it before it left home.

Finished Zig Zag quilt

15 thoughts on “Regenbogen

  1. Kristin, I’m loving this quilt! The colors and how you’ve arranged them are brilliant! I’ve been thinking of making a zig-zag quilt as well… triangles are fun to work with. Robin

  2. These hanai stay part of your heart forever. I think it’s my favorite part of fb, I keep tabs on several of mine there.

    This zigzag is beautiful!

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