11 Feb

Other Things

I finished another little quilt which I had started at AQT in November:

Village Series # 4, Windows

Village Series #4, Windows is about 17″ squarish and hand quilted. It is possibly going to take part in a swap, but I wasn’t sure the fit was right, so I made this one too:

Village Series #6, Welcome to the Neighborhood

Village Series #6, Welcome to the Neighborhood is also 17″ square-ish, but it is machine quilted and also has a hand embroidered rose.
Then I actually finished off the knitting project started at the end of December. It has been dubbed The Conan Sleeve (although it’s really a shrug, and Conan wore mere cuffs, but, whatever, everyone agrees this is what it is):

Conan Sleeve/Shrug

I was a little concerned about half way through because I chose luscious wools (and a little fun fur) without thinking that if I was cold enough to wear thick wool I would probably want something that covered more than my arms and half my back, or conversely, if I needed just to keep my shoulders warm, I wouldn’t need something so warm as all this wooliness. Oh well, I finished it anyways, and it is actually quite comfortable. I’m actually wearing it right now. It’s just a tube with an opening in the back slightly longer than the width of my back (knit in the round, then back and forth, then in the round again). I changed yarns when I felt like it, and mixed up the stitches a bit, even trying some dropped stitch fancy stuff, but the dropped stitches would tighten up on the cord part of my circular needle and were a pain to get back onto the thicker pointy ends. I’ll try it again on something else.

Now I am making another, hopefully larger, Buttonhole Bag, so it’s just knit knit knit (which is good because I’m not a big fan of purling). And speaking of knitting, a certain Couch Pirate sent me some booty since I’ve “joined the knitting madness.”

Stitch Markers and little bag

Do you see, not only does the bag have embroidered Fliegenpilze (from Farbenmix too), but one of the stitch markers has a glass Fliegenpilz bead too! I am soooo using these to make my buttonhole bag!

Fliegenpilz Stitch Marker

Thanks Katrin!

9 thoughts on “Other Things

  1. I cannot for the life of me figure out how you get so much work done. I’m considered an over-achiever and I feel like a slug compared to your creative output. Anyway, as always, beautiful work!

  2. i´m glad they arrived and you like them 🙂

    the quilt is beautiful (one day i´ll have to ask how you mark your quilting lines) and surely conan didn´t have such a wonderful shrug! *gg*

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