06 Apr

30 Lines Quilt

The upside of avoidance is that while you are NOT doing one thing (redesigning your website), you probably ARE doing another thing.

Remember the 30 Lines in 30 Days exercise?

Remember the quilt I started to make based on one of my line studies?

Once the quilt was pieced, it needed a little adjustment to lie flat. At the time, that was enough to get me to avoid IT and move on to other projects, but now resewing a few seams seemed positively fun compared to web design. I’m also trying to attack that pile of unfinished projects so that when we move in two months I will have fewer pieces to pack.

Line quilt

Based on the woodgrain fabric, I quilted more wood grain into the solid fabrics.

Line quilt, detail

For a bit of contrast I also quilted “pebbles” in some areas, and I loosely interpreted the lines themselves in others.

The sketch and the resulting quilt

The finished quilt is 57 inches square and will most likely end up as a lap quilt somewhere in our home. I’m not really sure where yet where it will be most happy.

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