13 Sep

Sewing Projects

While standing in line for the dumbo ride on Sunday, I was daydreaming about non-quilt sewing projects. I have had flannel with cars on it for probably 3 years now with the intention of making pajamas for my son. I was thinking about this and several other art-to-wear projects and finally made a list: Pajamas, a pink linen scarf with thread embroidery over fused patches, a seersucker tunic with more machine embroidery inspired by the latest issue of Quilting Arts magazine http://www.quiltingarts.com/, matching peasant tunics for my daughter and I from fabric my sister sent us, an embellished t-shirt, and ponchos for the three little girls in our row.

So, this morning I actually cut out the fabric for the pajamas. Now I just need to make them before he has a growth spurt! I pulled out fabrics for the other projects as well and found some suprises along the way (apparently I’ve been hoarding more fabric than I thought). I found a bunch of lightweight cotton or linen blend. It’s a pretty bland beige, so it will either be a base for a window shade my sister has suggested, or maybe fodder for a dying project. Too bad I don’t dye my own fabric. I almost set aside the pink linen for a tunic as the seersucker wasn’t what I had remembered, but I also found some linen which was amazingly priced when I got it. I found out later that’s because it had freeform stripes painted down the center. Not good for the tablecloth I had originally bought it for, but perfect for an embellished peasant top! I had totally forgot that I had little bits of stretchy crushed velvet stuff, not enough for much, but maybe enough for a drape-y necked tank top I envision with raw-edge applique leaves….