12 Sep

My first post

OK, here goes. My husband, all powerful creator of this site, keeps bugging me to do this. I’m going to try to write something at least once a week. Famous last words. Of course I could go the other way and totally ignore the family and end up writing every day.

So, who am I and why am I doing this? Good question. I’m not even sure yet. I’m an ex-graphic designer, a mom and a wife. I was bit by the quilting bug about a decade ago, and I’m now trying to tap into the artist in me in order to take my quilting to the next level. Perhaps writing about my journey in something more formal than my personal sketchbook will help me take it more seriously. Perhaps getting feedback will help me along my path. Keine Ahnung. I have no idea.

Today is my son’s seventh birthday. I can’t believe we’ve made it this far. I think of him as perpetually four years old. Luckily for all of us, he actually acts like a seven year-old. To celebrate, we went to Disney Paris for the weekend. Believe it or not, it was actually a nice, relaxing weekend. Well, except for the five hour drive home in driving rain. Yuck.

Which segues nicely into something actually about quilting. I have now had almost two weeks packed with “important” stuff to do, and have had no time for sewing projects. I am jonesing big time! Long drives don’t help either because I daydream of quilting projects I can’t start, at least until we get home. This time it was get home and make a volcano birthday cake.

Next weekend I hope to go to the European Patchwork Expo in France. It’s less than three hours away, but I refuse to drive to France again in the rain. If I do go, you can be sure I’ll blog about it 🙂Me and kids at Disney

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  1. I remember encouraging Kristin’s graphic abilities and watching her turn any scrap with a flat surface into a canvas.  She colored on paper, junk mail, scraps of lumber during a remodel and anything else she could get her hands on.  Then she did “drawings on demand.”  Children would plead, “draw me a kitty,” “draw me a horsie,” “draw me a frog.”  She put pencil or crayon to paper and with very few lines, a perfect depiction of the request appeared.  
    Then when she was about 12 years old the focus was on only horses.  Horses in pencil, charcoal, oils, and many other media.  Horses standing, running, decorated, fantasy, portraits; you name it.
    I did teach my daughters to sew and do other types of needlework.  For Kristin this went from doll clothes to gear for the model horses, to clothing for herself.  There were also gifts, handcrafts and other projects.
    During these child-rearing years, I always had a project of my own to work on.  I sewed clothing for all of us.  I did various needlework – embroidery, needlepoint and many others.  Anything I could carry around to the park, to lessons, to keep busy while the family watched TV.  One of these projects was a quilt that I started when Kristin was two years old.  The design was a collection of images that were important in Kristin’s life at the time.  It included things like toys, storybook characters, things in the neighborhood and her new baby sister.  Each image was a quilt block.  They were appliqued and embroidered.  Finally, I got them all together and if I remember correctly, my grandmother helped quilt around the images.  Then it sat while I went back to work.
    Because the quilt was originally for Kristin, I gave it to her when she started her family.  She put the binding on and used it in Zavi’s nursery.
    I enjoyed making that quilt, and it pleases me that Kristin finished it up and used it.  I’m even more pleased that she has found a way to express herself using textiles, which are my favorite medium.  I think her work is amazing.  I just love the quilt that she made for me.
    Kristin’s mom, Sherrill

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