05 Apr

For Want of a Header

I want to update my website. I can no longer access it to add new photos to the gallery and as long as I was going to go in and fiddle about to fix that, I figured I might as well fiddle with the whole thing. I’m not much of a programmer though. I did some research and found out that the Headway theme for WordPress combines the ease of blogging with the flexibility of web building and should provide me with just the right amount of design freedom without totally geeking out.

It ends up though, that most of this simplified stuff just goes right through me. I can read the tutorial and make something happen, but when I return to my work the next day nothing has stuck in my brain and I have to read all over again. Also, the framework I had sketched out won’t work. I was hoping to have cool roots dangle down in between mine main copy and my sidebar. Headway and WordPress don’t like to be organized in vertical columns though. They prefer horizontal rows.

So I adjusted my header to be more horizontal. Even then, it took up too much space. I really wanted my navigation bar to nestle in under the header. So I removed the roots. Now it was looking pretty good, but when I added the cool “slideshow” to highlight some of my favorite work, it competed visually with my embroidered header. OK, change to a sepia tone header. Better. Not enough though. So I got rid of the house altogether. I think I have a header I like now, but it’s been Photoshopped to death to get to this point.

I’ve avoided the project like the plague for a few weeks and if I’m honest with myself it’s because I really need to go back and stitch up a new header so it’s not all Photoshoppy. Also, I know that once I get that sorted out, I’ll have to go back to square one with the tutorials to build all the pages I want since I just can’t seem to wrap my head around how this all works. And that head-wrapping is worthy of more procrastination. I need to get it done though because my site is woefully out of date and I really need to show off my Army Wife Series as it grows and as part of where I want it to go in the foreseeable future.

By the way, to all you WordPress users out there, what are your favorite widgets for posts and pages?

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