19 Mar


Sometimes it feels like that. No matter how hard you try, things just unravel.

Unravelling, by Kristin La Flamme 2012

While things are holding together for me just fine right now, that’s not always the case. I think most Army wives will agree with me. There are times when it’s hard to keep it all together. This is another (the 10th!) apron in my series  “The Army Wife.” It’s knit from my husband’s discarded uniform tees, plus some other uniform bits and fasteners, and a heart of stone as a sort of talisman.

Unravelling detail

Something I’m really enjoying while creating this series of work is letting each piece dictate how it is made, as opposed to trying to make my ideas conform to a specific model such as “art quilt.” It means that I can’t enter pieces I really like, such as Be Strong, Always, and The Other Woman, into quilt exhibits, but that’s not the point. Wool, knit, quilted, sheer, a sheet, or a bed quilt, the form each piece takes is integral to it’s meaning, and that gives me great satisfaction.

12 thoughts on “Unravelling

  1. Kristen, This is really an excellent piece. I think it captures the Army Wife life perfectly. I also enjoyed reading about some of your thoughts and struggles while making it. I think everything worked out great!

  2. Wonderful! The heart of stone is so inspired. I can only imagine all the situations in which you have to have a heart of stone to maintain your sanity. There really should be a venue for your series. It says so much that needs to be heard. xo

  3. This tells a story right off the bat. I think each observer would have their own story based on what they are seeing. I love the grittiness of this.

  4. I agree with cauchy….Are there other people doing commentary on being a military wife/family which could go with it if the space is large (or maybe to make a bigger pitch?).

    Kristin, could you do a close up to show the waistband? I’m intrigued by it, but can’t see it well enough. As usual, this is FABULOUS. Very inspired!


  5. good piece, strong and wonderful. i am reminded of the combat papermakers…who originate locally and are the male energy side of military art.

  6. I think these are art, no need to attach the quilt label to them. I’m confident a venue will appear for ths powerful work

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