17 Mar

It’s Crafturday! (9)

This time it’s crafting with friends.

Daughter chain piecing

Technically, she’s my daughter, not my friend, but bear with me. The girl was inspired by the zig zag quilt behind her and wanted to make her own little quilt, and not to worry, she would “do it by herself.” Well that turned on the guilty feelings about being so caught up in my own work that the kids know they have to fend for themselves. We found a compromise. She picked out fabrics while I sewed the final rows of the zig zag quilt, then I cut, and then she sewed (with a little help from me). She made a lovely little top of neutrals which we’ll quilt just as soon as I’m done quilting the zig zag (soon!).

H and my machine getting to know each other.

But that’s not the only craftiness going on at my machine. I have some new friends from Knit Night and one, H, who is an adventurous knitter, wants to learn to sew and quilt. She admired my Julie Tasche and asked if I could help her make one. Only problem, she doesn’t have a sewing machine. No problem. I have now completely spoilt her with my machine, and empowered her by making her do all the cutting and most of the sewing. I was basically just the pinner and ironer.

H's bag almost done!

It’s almost done — just needs the elastic through the top casing and the lining sewn shut. I can’t wait to see it in use next Knit Night.

4 thoughts on “It’s Crafturday! (9)

  1. Ah yes, spreading the quilt pox one unsuspecting person at a time! H’s bag is wonderful. I hope she is proud of her accomplishment. K may not realize it now, but she will remember sewing with you the rest of her life. Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

  2. I think it’s so cool that she wants to try her hand at sewing (with you)…these memories will last a lifetime!

  3. oh no! Glad my daughters didn’t see this post, I’d have to start sharing my sewing machine with them!!!
    …LOL….. please post quilting pictures!

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