20 Feb

My Talented Friends

I have a lot of talented friends, but this one is making me particularly happy right now.


I’m not a big ring wearer, but I practically pulled the ring off my friend Wendy’s finger when I saw her a month or so ago. I love the simplicity of it and it’s somewhat funky, but still sophisticated, look. The best part is, you get to choose what inspirational words you want on your ring. Plus, it is so comfortable you can easily forget you have it on. Wendy is a jewelry maker and is starting up her own business called Homefront Metalworks. For the time being she’s showing her work through Facebook, but look for her Etsy shop to be up and running in the near future. Homefront Metalworks also has customizable bracelets and necklaces too. For Valentine’s Day, hubby bought me a dog-tag style pendant with the kids names, our initials, and “live, love, sew” in addition to a few pretty jewels.

6 thoughts on “My Talented Friends

  1. I am a sucker for rings, metal cuffs, and earrings. That ring is exactly what I love in jewelry. Hmmm, don’t observe Valentine’s Day, birthday is months away, must think of a special reason…..

  2. I love that ring! Wow! I am trying to make out what the words are. I see share, patience, discover and enjoy. I think I am missing one or two.

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