31 Jan

Wonderful Things

Here’s a couple of wonderful things that have graced our home this week.

First, This mixed media painting I purchased from Rachel Austin arrived. I saw her work on Whip Up and loved it’s whimsical-ness. I especially loved that the map on this one (and one other which had unfortunately for me, had been sold) was from my home town (well, same city, just cross-town).

Crenshaw by Rachel Austin

On a completely different note, have you ever seen the Citi-Bank commercial about identity theft where the teenager (in the identity of a hip young woman) explains how he’s going to use the stolen money to build a “girl robot” for the prom? TS&WGH and I roll on the floor laughing — sure that this will be our son when he grows up. Well, until yesterday, when it was our DAUGHTER who built the girl robot!

Box craft

2 thoughts on “Wonderful Things

  1. That is hysterical! What an imagination. I love the little piece you bought. I am stuck at the O’Hare airport. Our flight is delayed about 3 hours – ugh!

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