01 Feb


I am one of the lucky who have a dedicated studio space and a door with which to hide it from the world. But I traded it in six months ago for the opportunity to host a foreign exchange student. It was totally worth it, but now that our student has returned to her permanent home, and our post holiday visitors have left, it’s time to reclaim my sewing space!

1. Guest Bedroom as, well, a bedroom!
Here it is as a bedroom. What can’t be seen is the closet that is 2/3 empty for the use of our temporary teen.

4a. My bedroom serving dual duty as a sewing room.
All the “stuff” moved to my bedroom. Here it is, but with all the fabric bins already removed.

4b. My bedroom serving dual duty as a sewing room.The space behind the “design wall,” and the space under the window was filled with bins of fabric. Luckily I had the room to myself as hubby was deployed during most of the time the bedroom was serving dual duty, so I could be as messy as I could tolerate.

2a. Guest Bedroom starting to fill up with my sewing stuff
In progress, the guest room futon is back to sofa-mode, and the stuff is moving back in.

2b. Guest Bedroom starting to fill up with my sewing stuff
I took some time to organize and purge my magazines and ephemera on the book case.

3a. Guest Bedroom closet all neat and tidy with my fabrics and supplies
The BIG DEAL: a purged and tidy fabric stash! I have learned to accept that I will always have a large amount of supplies to schlep wherever we go, but I think that confining it to just one closet is a good nod to practicality.

3b. Guest Bedroom closet all neat and tidy with my fabrics and supplies
Here’s the other side of the same closet. I’ve arranged everything so I’m no longer pulling heavy stuff down every time I need something.

5b. Guest bedroom as fully functioning sewing room/studio!
With half of my stuff in the bedroom and half in the “studio” room for nearly a week, I was going crazy, so I set aside all my in-progress projects and finished the move. My cutting table isn’t ideal, but it’s what works in this room. I hope to decrease the piles of stuff on the futon soon!

5a. Guest bedroom as fully functioning sewing room/studio!
Ahhhh, my sewing machine in it’s rightful place.

6b. My bedroom as just a bedroom!
And I forgot just how huge our bedroom is when it’s not filled with bins of fabric and a sewing machine!

Now, back to work as I have several looming deadlines, and now I have a dedicated space in which to reach them.

11 thoughts on “Studio/Bedroom/Studio

  1. I now work in my bedroom after giving up my studio to one of my children. It’s a large room, but I’m always tempted to use the bed to layout stuff, and every night my husband has to clear it off so he can go to sleep. not ideal, but it works for now.

  2. Yea! I am in the process of re-arranging my space. It is (mostly) dedicated, but no door on it… and is the first room to see as you enter my house. I had to share with my children’s computer and they were not very neat. I also had way too much stuff and not enough space. I finally talked my hubby into moving the children to our older lap top and selling our desktop that the kids used to use. Today I re-arrranged furniture and stuff to prepare for the desktop desk to be removed this weekend (we have bulk trash pickup then) I can finish the rest on Saturday.

  3. LOL! I love your reflection in the mirror! I am in the middle of a clean out. For some reason, I have to empty out the room and then put it back. It is how I clean and drives the housemate nuts! Your room has given me the needed kick in the rear to get it finished. Thanks! (It was warm and sunny today, so I played hooky and spent the afternoon down at the river.) Have fun in your room!

  4. wow, much more practical than I am. Love that sewing table – did you make it yourself? The quilt on your bed really is gorgeous, even if it was trickier to piece than expected. Like everyone else, love that sneak peek at you!

  5. Hi Kristin, I enjoyed reading your musings about your move. I have a large room for my work space, so that my sewing is NOT everywhere in the house! Now I get to work everywhere when the family’s gone and my room has everything I need—but I’m always needing MORE! I’m learning to paint on fabric in my fibert arts class at the Honolulu Museum of Art [Linekona].
    Hope all is well with you and your family. Keep up the good work! Aloha!

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