21 Jan

A Little Sewing Detour

It’s been non-stop sight-seeing and beach-bumming here since mid-December. I’ve actually got a bit of a tan now! But, alas, there’s not much actual quilting or art making going on. I took today to work on one of my in-progress pieces though.

I was on a roll with sewing tiny bits together and my bin of red scraps didn’t look too daunting after using what I needed for the “real” project, so I took a bit of a detour and sewed ALL my red scraps together.

I cut brick shapes that will eventually be a sibling to this quilt top which I made from neutral scraps about nine moths ago. The photo above shows today’s work in the center red pile, plus the few neutral bricks left over from the Achromatic quilt top, and purple and blue bricks previously sewn at a Saturday Bee. The crazy thing is that both the blue bin and the black and white bin have refilled with scraps enough to make as many bricks as the red pile! I think they must multiply in the dark. My green and my yellow bins are almost overflowing. I may need to take a big detour soon and whip them into tidy piles of bricks. For now though, the red scrap bin is empty of scraps. Ahhhhhh.

4 thoughts on “A Little Sewing Detour

  1. scraps are like the oil in the parable that never runs out…. or the loaves & fishes… always multiplying!

    Sorry I’ve missed so many of your posts. I noticed comments on your older posts are closed. I’ve also found that entering shows can often be anti-climactic. This a common experience of many artists. I think it’s a reaction that is part of a natural cycle – but overtime I have found that my ambition around showing my work has lessened.

    I love your FUCK blocks too!

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