23 Jan

More Good Things in the Mail

It started with Gerrie‘s post. Her friend Jeannie had sent her a package of goodies to share with her daughters. Of course, I wished I could join the “throw down” and fight for some of the goodies too. Turns out that Jeannie is a great sport and not only did she have more of the pink and grey city fabric, but she boxed up a bunch of other great stuff for me as well. (It’s also possible that she took pity on me and the pile of jersey house dresses I was gifted.)
Vintage Fabrics

Vintage fabrics and a flocked Fliegenpilz. What’s not to love?


Can you believe she’s really parting with the Lonni Rossi ginko fabrics? They’ll definitely be happy at my house!

Jeannie's sun prints

Beads, cards, and sun printed fabrics — I’m giddy.

Hand dyes

And, some hand dyed fabrics. TS&WGH said I sounded like a five year old squealing over each bundle as I opened it. I just think it’s nice that I am so easily entertained. 😉 Speaking of five year olds, there were beads and stuff to string them on for the kids. Katja made off with them before I could get the camera out!


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