20 Jan

Look what the wind blew in

No doubt you’ve heard of the storm of the century which has swept through Europe. High winds upwards of 130 mph. Luckily, it wasn’t all that bad where we are, and no trucks or trees have been blown over in our neighborhood. We did batten down the hatches and I enjoyed one of those dark, bundle up and baste a quilt kind of mornings on Thursday. (Sorry Gerrie, yours wasn’t the one that got basted.) 🙂Mmmmmm, latte.

Yesterday and today, I worked on a few framing projects. Wonderful D at the Arts & Crafts shop steered me to this inspired framing for one of my little pieces from AQT.
Village Series, #3

You can’t tell from the picture, but the pale yellow mat floats a half inch above the deep navy background mat. The quilt is held on with velcro, and there’s no glass to get between the viewer and all the layers.

It still needs a title. I’m thinking that I have a village series forming here with tjanting drawings, and house stamps. This could be “Village Series, #3” or….

3 thoughts on “Look what the wind blew in

  1. I want to look at this up close and personal. I see a strip of German indigo, I think. Is the orange, ric rac? I also see some of my fave fabric behind the stamped and painted strip. The world is having some very wild weather – you wonder. Al Gore is just nodding his head.

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