15 Dec

A Communal Project

Sorry, especially to my Dad who’s home page on his computer is my blog. I suspect it’s been pretty dull to see the same page up there for two weeks. My excuse is good though. I’ve been busy with daughter’s symphony concert (she’s learning to play bass), lots of Christmas buying and some crafting (more on that later), the first wave of holiday visitors, and most importantly — the return of TS&WGH (Tech Support and World’s Greatest Husband) from Iraq!

Somewhere in there I found a small pocket of time to participate in a communal quilt project too. I don’t care how dangerous the web may be, I have connected with some of the most amazing and interesting people through my time online. A new addition to my pool of fascinating bloggy friends is Completely Cauchy. She’s got a wicked sense of humor.

She has invited her bloggy friends to help her express that impish side in a communal quilt project she calls “Give a F*ck.”

“this is a communal quilt project designed… in an effort to get more quilters/embroiderers/textilefolks to exercise their potty-mouths in textile form.”

Mom and Dad, you may want to stop reading now. But, then again, you have all seen my rather raw “War Sucks,” and other pieces in The Army Wife series, so maybe a curse word or two is no big deal.

Anyway…. I figured I ought to make my F-word block army related, so I decided to piece Cluster F*ck with uniform fabric. But there would be a lot of seams and heavy fabric with lots of seams didn’t seem like it would play well with other people’s blocks, and Cauchy specifically asked for quilting cottons. There was a size limit too, and I wasn’t sure I could piece such a big word so small. Argh! I cursed a bit at the restraints and then realized the sweet irony! So I switched to embroidery and took my frustration out on the fabric.

Give a F*ck Project

My husband is fond of saying “his sh*t don’t stink” when referring to someone who can do no wrong. That was the inspiration for the flowery poo. There’s a bit of a subtext in the background fabric and lovely embroidery that all the pretty pastoral crafty stuff that’s popular now is just a crock.

Frustrations quelled, I went back to the Cluster (though SNAFU would have been equally appropriate and an easier scale, or FUBU as Camp Follower suggested) and swapped “army colored” fabric for the actual uniforms and made another block!

Give a F*ck Project

Cauchy says she’s going to use both! If you feel so inclined, check out more from her project here. My personal favorites are from Daintytime and Daniel Rouse.

6 thoughts on “A Communal Project

  1. I love this! Your blocks are fun. I love the aromatic daisies. I had never heard the “if you see Kay” before and the Dan Rouse one is wonderful. Your poor Dad. I have visions of people coming into his office and seeing a towel draped over the computer screen.

  2. I love this project! I went to Cauchy’s blog and checked them all out. How fresh and daring. What is going to be done with the quilt when it is all together. I mean, will anyone exhibit it? I’m going to follow along to see the progress.

  3. Remember when I asked you and your friends to be bilingual around me? Although I did not care to have that language in my home, I was under no illusions that you would eliminate it from your vocabulary.

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