17 Jan

I actually bought NEW fabric today

Yes, you heard it right. I who pledged NOT to buy brand new fabrics, just bought 3 yards of it today. This is the second lapse since my proclamation five months ago. In my defense, it was for all the right reasons. The first lapse was in October when I decided to re-do my sister’s baby quilt and HAD to use the same toile-ish flannel backing fabric as I did in the first attempt.

The bunnies are recycled from the first quilt -- that's the flannel

Today’s lapse was for my current project. I looked through my stash for an appropriate fabric, but the chocolate corduroy was too dark, the flowers on the medium blue were too distracting, the mocha was nice, but too plain. I over-dyed it, but then it was too dark. I sprayed it with bleach, but then it just wasn’t right. Besides, now it was too thin, since it wasn’t high quality fabric to begin with. I didn’t want to piece a border from the smaller bits of fabric in my stash because the inner border was already very pieced and the outer one needs to be plainer.

Too floral, too ughh, too dark
So, you see, I HAD to go buy the right fabric.

Ahh, much better!

Of course, while I was there, I also bought four fat quarters to make a class sample with (for a basic quilting series I have in mind). I’m calling that one a business write-off. 😉

I’m stocked up on rotary blades and batting, and a bit of paper for the kids’ photo albums now too, so I won’t need to leave the house for the rest of the week!

One thought on “I actually bought NEW fabric today

  1. What are the cute bunnies doing in this post? Did I miss something. And is that my quilt that you ar working on? heh heh

    You deserve new fabric after yesterday’s angst.

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