02 Dec


Yesterday, December 1, was the 365th day of my man’s deployment. The second year-long one in three years. I know that over the last decade, many have endured more and longer deployments than we have, but that doesn’t make this anniversary any easier to mark. It wears on you.

10 thoughts on “365

  1. 🙁 I don’t know how you do it Kristin. Everybody know the sacrifice those in the armed services make, but really families have to sacrifice a lot too. I’m here for you.

  2. Ditto to all of the above, but I also want to thank you, Katja, and Zavi. I went back to your first blog posts and started reading. You have “come a long way, baby” is an understatement. Thank you Kristin, Art, Zavi, & Katja.

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