12 Nov

IQF Houston: part 4

We interrupt the pretty quilts for some shopping and a giveaway!

First off, Lark Books is having a giveaway, and one of the books is ours! For a chance to win Twelve by Twelve: The International Art Quilt Challenge, or several other books (the Masters 2 book is chock full of pretty and inspiring artwork) just go to Lark’s blog here, and leave a comment by 9pm EST on November the 18th.

While any comment is fine, Lark is particularly curious about your favorite fabrics and what you plan to make with them…which leads nicely into showing off my Houston purchases.

Batting swatch book and non-woven samples for my reference library
My first task was to find wool batting. I am on a quest to find the best one for me. I had mixed results with Quilter’s Dream, but heard rave reviews of Mathilda’s Own. I couldn’t find any of that, but did like what I saw and heard of Hobbs, and picked up an awesome sampler of Pellon battings for my quilting students to fondle (BTW, they loved the feel of the bamboo batting).

Marcia Derse Fabrics
On my way back from the batting outing, I passed Marcia Derse’s booth. well, pass is wrong since really, I had to stop in and buy. I’ve admired her hand dyed pieces and simple aesthetic for several years and now that her fabrics are available as quality yardage, I’m all in. I’m not the only one either, I think at least four Twelves made purchases as well, and while there, I ran in to Victoria of Bumble Beans and had a bloggy buddy moment.

Oakshott Fabrics
While looking at the World of Beauty quilts, I overheard one quiltmaker mention that she uses Oakshott shot cotton fabrics and that one of the vendors was selling them. “Shot” fabrics use different colored threads for the warp and the weft, resulting in a lovely shimmer depending on how the light hits them. I had a few Oakshott samples from Europe and loved, loved, loved them, so off I was in a flash to go find the vendor. I hit the jackpot and refilled my stash!

Radially dyed Fabrics from Artspoken Yardage
And look what I happened upon returning from the booth with the shot cottons. I couldn’t possibly pass up the radially dyed fabrics I’ve been admiring in so many Hawaiian quilts. Now I just need to figure out exactly what I’ll make with them — traditional Hawaiian, or something closer to my usual work?

Cool jewelry from fabric scraps
Finally, I bought some cool jewelry. It’s made similarly to polymer clay milifiori work, but with a variety of fibers. I’m looking forward to wearing these.

4 thoughts on “IQF Houston: part 4

  1. I have both books, so I’ll stay here and gush! I love the fabrics you purchased, especially Marcia Derse’s. I am going to do some research to see if anyone sells them in Portland or Seattle for my next trip to the big city. I am a sucker for shot cottons and the dyed fabric is gorgeous. Reminds me of sorbet. The jewlrey is amazing. I stared and stared trying to figure out how in the heck she cut the roll. Amazing and beautiful. I love bamboo. I used some bamboo yarns for gifts last year and it felt like silk. Hope your weekend is a good one.

  2. I’ve been Ravi g about marcua’s fabrics since last spring… Can I tell you how many people I ran into, in her booth? It was Like a big party there!
    Csn’t wait to see whAt you do with her fabrics! So awesome to run into you there!! The 12×12’s were fabulous!

  3. Can I also say, that I should not comment using my iPhone? If you can read that comment, I will be amazed! Lol!!!

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