30 Oct

Happy Halloween!

Part of having an exchange student is sharing as much of our culture with her as possible. We’re immersing her in Halloween this week. Last night was a Halloween party for which we all dressed as vampires.

Last week we went to the Haunted Lagoon hosted by the Polynesian Cultural Center. There’s an extra added scare factor when the ghouls pop up out of the water and smack your canoe! It was a bit much for my kids, but excellent for teens.

Bite Me!

Tomorrow is Trick or Treating. SO, we wish you a Happy Halloween from our spooky house to yours!

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Exchange students are the reason we had our yearly Halloween party, huge bonfire, and goblins. We’d gather all the other students and their families, and all be silly together. Such fun memories! Remembering one year, where we had to all carve our pumpkins on the kitchen floor because of 7″ of snow!

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