25 Oct

Long intro, Fun Fabric Printing

I have not been in the mood to blog lately. No particular reason. I just think the blog’s biorhythms must be on a low curve. It’s certainly not been for lack of things going on. To summarize:

  • I’m still fundraising for JDRF.
  • I’ve made a bunch of Smurf hats, a kilt, and a Smurfette dress for the annual Halloween party at the taekwondo school we attend.
  • Vampire capes are next on the list.
  • Things are going swimmingly in my patchwork class.
  • We’re trying to show as much of Oahu to our exchange student as possible — hiking Diamond Head, going to the Haunted Lagoon, eating sushi, etc.
  • My art quilt, “War Sucks” will be shown at Art=Quilts=Art in Auburn, NY next week, and at Art Quilt Elements in Wayne, PA next year, and I’m still plugging away on it’s comrades in the Army Wife series.
  • And, I’m gearing up to go to the International Quilt Festival in Houston in just over a week! That in itself has had enough things on the “to do” list to fill my time.

Part of preparation for Houston involved me getting out my paints and stamps and fabrics and doing some making. About the same time, I also noticed that the cut base of a baby bok choy makes a pretty flower shape. This was worth some exploring….

Printing with bok choy

I added the bok choy to the stamps, grabbed my girls, and we sat out on the lanai to print fabric for a few hours.

Printing with bok choy

Fabric paints worked quite well.

Printing with bok choy

I even ran out to get more veggies to print with. Celery made the white flower in the photo above.

Printing with a bell pepper

I’m not sure what we’ll do with these, but I’m sure I’ll find something sooner or later.

Veggie Prints

DeColorant had mixed results.

Printing with bok choy

Veggie Discharge Experiment
DeColorant on black Kona Cotton: I get the Colorant, but not the “de.” ┬áKinda disappointing.
Inkodye Resist and Stewart Gill paints on shibori dyed fabric: too much going on in the background, and not enough stamping to show off the resist. Technically, it did work though.
Front and back of DeColorant on procion dyed fabric. I love the back as some color was actually removed. Not wild about the front, but the addition of Pigma Pen details helps.
None of these fabrics actually made it into what I made for my Twelve by Twelve friends in Houston, but that was never the intent. This was just something fun to try while I had all the supplies at hand. the girls enjoyed the creative mess — and playing with their food!
If I’m quiet for a while it’s because I’m processing my trip. Be back later.

7 thoughts on “Long intro, Fun Fabric Printing

  1. I understand the blog biorhythm thing…I’m kinda slack myself lately. Too many things in life right now that take priority. Congrats on the quilty stuff you are doing, the exhibits, the shows. As hubby often tells me, “When I grow up, I wanta be just like you.” *smile*

  2. How did you like the inkodye resist? I toyed with getting some on the last Dharma purchase. From what I have been told about decolorant, the longer you leave it and the hotter you get it, the better the results. I looked at their book and it says for best results wait 3 days before heating. ???? Not what I would have thought. I hope you have so much fun in Houston. To not only be going to Festival, but to meet up with your fellow Twelves, must be so exciting. Have loads of fun!

  3. I’ve been wanting to try Decolourant and could have gotten it at a special price through a dyers list recently but missed the deadline. Dave from the maker of Decolourant recommended applying the decolourant, letting it dry for 24 hours and then applying heat.

  4. Martha Stewart turned the base of a celery bunch into a nice looking rose stamp. I’ve been meaning to try that, but wondered if it would work for anyone else besides MS. Thanks for proving it can be done.

    Did you have to dry the veggies a bit? Did their moisture dilute the fabric paint?

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