09 Oct

I’m a Cover Girl!

I received my catalog for Beyond Comfort last week. What a huge surprise to see my art quilt/apron “The Military Wife: Hanging on by a Thread” on the cover!

The exhibit premiered at Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England, and though that show has ended for the year, Beyond Comfort will continue on to the US at the Gerald Ford Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan from June to August, 2012; and then on to the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio from January to March, 2013. That’s a long way off, and I’m going to miss my aprons sorely, but hopefully they will be excellent ambassadors for the rest of the collection, which I continue to slowly work on.

I must give kudos to Eileen Doughty for curating the exhibit and to Diedre Adams for creating a top notch catalog (and that’s not just because she put my artwork on the cover).

18 thoughts on “I’m a Cover Girl!

  1. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you. Your work is so amazing. It is time for you to get the recognition you deserve.

  2. That detail is perfect for the cover. It shows everything that is possible in the art quilt form, plus the image is a lovely metaphor for the theme of the show. Hooray! Congratulations.

  3. Also, it impresses me that you are able to confidently and serenely use your art to describe your emotions and anguish as an Army Wife.

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