05 Oct

Halloween Craft, cont.

Vampire drawing and haiku

I completely forgot yesterday to include a photo of the drawing and poem that inspired the adorable (and not very scary) Halloween pillowcase. The drawing is outlined in glue, which made it really easy to make a rubbing of, which I used as my template.

Halloween Banner from scraps

I put the banner in the window right away, so please excuse the crappy picture (I must still be in Honey Badger mode). It’s not very amazing, but it used up scraps and I did go so far as to free-piece the word Boo after watching Tonya on The Quilt Show. I also quilted the banner with a green spiderweb pattern. That turned out pretty cool.

Spiderweb Quilting

3 thoughts on “Halloween Craft, cont.

  1. I really like the banner and the pillow case and bag from yesterday. My husband asked me why I didn’t have any Halloween/Fall decorations out. I sent him to your blog. 🙂 Thanks for doing the decorating for me.

  2. Love it! And yes, because of where we live (suburbia with lots of families) and the fact that Halloween is always the eve of Allerheiligen, a Bank Holiday, there is more and more TnT activity!

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