29 Sep

I’m Done With The Other Woman

The Other Woman

I couldn’t put her down until she was finished. The idea for this one (in The Army Wife series) came to me during that fantastic week with creative friends in New York. Once home, I gathered supplies and jumped right in. This is not a quilt. Perhaps it could be classified as an embroidery. Sewn from vintage sheets, it is a work of textile art.

“The Other Woman”  71″ x 50″ 2001 (click to see a little bigger)

I don’t know if the saying, If the army wanted you to have a wife, they would have issued you one is common outside the military, but inside it sure is.

Granted, the military has made great strides in caring for it’s family members. In the 16 years that I’ve been an army wife, I’ve seen vast improvements in services to help families cope with high operations tempo, deployments, and distance from natural support systems. However, the military is still a vocation that demands much from it’s members, and even the spouses with access to the most will still acknowledge that they often play second fiddle to That Woman: the job.

12 thoughts on “I’m Done With The Other Woman

  1. Kristin, it’s beautiful. And thank you, thank you, thank you, for everything.

    Now Natalya….. Easy there, Natalya. That’s my other woman you’re talking about man-handling. Easy with the fondling, OK? Ask first — no means no.

  2. love it. love how the phrase fades to the background..then I see it is words..then I have that shock of surprise/humor/sadness. the phrase is common enough that I know it, and I don’t know any service members personally.

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