15 Sep

Zigeuner Quilt

Last we saw this quilt was in February of 2009 when it was just blocks on my floor. I pieced the blocks and decided that it looked like a gypsy’s tablecloth and thus needed a lace edging. I put the top away until I could find something appropriate. Two and a half years later, not having found lace I liked, but in a fit of wanting to finish things, I pulled out the top and sewed it to a backing. I planned on hand crocheting a lace edge later.

Zigeuner Quilt

But then I went to New York, and I found a crocheted lace I liked. So, I spent some time un-sewing and then re-sewed the top and back with the lace in the seam. But the corners (and there are many) looked like crap. I contemplated just letting it be, but then I knew I’d never use the quilt. I considered cutting all the points off and making the thing a plain rectangle. I considered filling in the spaces between the points and making a larger rectangle.

Zigeuner Quilt detail

I bit the bullet and un-sewed the seams with the lace, bought new backing and sewed it on, and then stitched the lace on top. They say the third time is the charm, and in this case it was. It was absolutely worth all the tedium of un-sewing and re-doing. Now it looks right. I am happy with my gypsy’s tablecloth, and even happier that I can finally call it finished!

Zigeuner Quilt

In Germany we loved steak or schnitzel “Zigeuner Art,” or Gypsy Style, made with red peppers and a bit of a bite.

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