01 Sep

Enjoy Delicious Twelve Brand Oranges!

If that sounds like an advertisement it is because it is. Orange crate labels were my inspiration for the 12th of the Twelve by Twelve Colorplay series quilts. Because my concept and imagery was pretty straightforward on this challenge, I decided to try some very new to me surface design techniques to bring it to fuition. It was definitely outside of my comfort zone, but also worth it as I am quite pleased with the final result. The process is here,  here, here and here, and be sure to check out the final art quilt here.

5 thoughts on “Enjoy Delicious Twelve Brand Oranges!

  1. I went over to 12 X 12 to see your finished piece as well as the other entries. It was interesting to see that the first five or six were nostalgic. I know for me, orange is a symbol of the 60s, but now I see that it brings to mind many visions of the past. Your piece is beautiful.

  2. This brought back so many memories. The special box of oranges at Christmas time from friends in Calif., picking fruit in the Okanogan Valley, surrounded by fruit boxes, and my first apartment equiped with fruitbox end tables and bookcases. I have always loved the graphics on the labels and your’s is a winner. The variety of techniques that you used is amazing and the final result is gorgeous. Way to go, Kristin!!!

  3. Gosh I saw your quilt over there and it made me grin. I’m from FL and it reminds me of the roadside farmer’s stands along the old 2-lane canopied highways. You could always get some boiled peanuts too.

    A lovely quilt.

  4. boah! This is absolutely faaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnntasticcccccccccc!
    How about my favourite food, an avocado, next time?

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