15 Aug

Jump In, The Water’s Fine!

The kids are back in school, but we’ve got an addition to our family, a lovely exchange student from Germany, and so we need to make the most of our weekends, sharing the wonders of Hawai’i with her.

So far, we’ve been boogie boarding at Bellows beach and shopping for school clothes at various malls, where we also introduced her to the deliciousness that is a fresh banana lumpia. On Saturday, we set out to go snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, but the parking lot was full, so we opted to bide our time at Ka Iwi Inlet. This is the same area as Pele’s Chair, the Makapu’u Lighthouse hike my kids hate, and the coastal nature walk we took. This time we joined the locals and jumped in the water. I particularly enjoyed watching the guy spear fishing nearby. Later we did return to Hanauma Bay and saw plenty of fish, but visibility at this time of year wasn’t as great as we’ve experienced before — so we’ll just have to go back!

Sunday we met up with Deborah’s family who are visiting Oahu, and went on a super hike to Maunawili Falls. Yes, I was just in NY with Deborah! Anyway, my kids and I had not been on this hike in several years and it’s such a good one — just challenging enough, and with a waterfall and swimming hole as payoff at the end.

I enjoyed the company, and our exchange student proclaimed it the most wonderful hike she’s ever been on.

7 thoughts on “Jump In, The Water’s Fine!

  1. I looked at the photos before I read the text and thought, gee that looks like Deborah’s Claire! What a fun time for all of you and in such a beautiful place.

  2. What program is your newest daughter in? We had at least 15 students through Youth For Understanding, and I “worked” with YFU for 3 years as a Field Manager. This will be such a rewarding experience for your family.

    Can’t imagine being SO lucky to be with a family in HI, clearly a dream come true..and YOUR family..she’s got it in spades.

  3. that is one lucky exchange student! We hosted one (in Italy, from Wisconsin) for a year… back in 1986. We still think of each other as sisters. We were each other maids of honour and see each other when we can. We just spent a week together this summer at her house…

    It was the most gorgeous of experiences.

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