30 Dec

Six Degrees of Fliegenpilze

I am not the only one who thinks toadstools are cool. I was just clicking from one blog to the next, not really looking for anything and I kept seeing Fliegenpilze.

Moonstitches (who’s posted her share of mushrooms) got an adorable dress from Sabine of Farbenmix, and look what I found when I clicked there — Fliegenpilz purses! Since the purses were “Nic’s fault,” I had to check out her blog, “Luziapimpinella.” She was gifted a Fliegenpilz purse and a felted Fliegenpilz ball from Simone, of the blog, KƤptnstupsnase and found a wonderful “jeweled” hangy thing she had been gifted from Nic (replace the deer with a hedgehog and I’d almost be willing to drive across Germany to “liberate” it. And, if that wasn’t enough, Simone had her own cute “Dream Forest” outfit with mushrooms she embroidered. Back to Nic, there was more! I loved this package from another Sabine. Oh, and look at her obsession — she even talks about a Fliegenpilz lamp (which I think I saw in her Christmas collage). OK, now to the new Sabine, (because I think I could get lost for hours looking for cute Fliegenpilz stuff on Luziapimpinella!) she found Fliegenpilz ribbon! And because the name of that post was “and still more Fliegenpilze” I had to keep looking. Her wreath looks a lot like my tree, and the links are to other blogs with wreaths with toadstools. Because the title again referenced “more” mushrooms, I kept looking deeper. I was rewarded with another purse! “Overkill with polka dot ribbon and a Fimo mushroom,” — I love it! It was from Smila, who apparently has a bit of an obsession herself. It appears that I could go on forever linking just to red spotted mushrooms. I wonder how long it would take to find someone linked back to me? My head is spinning and I’m guessing yours is too, so maybe that’s a project for another day.

7 thoughts on “Six Degrees of Fliegenpilze

  1. So if there is one thing that you will be bringing back to the states in a couple years, it is a severe case of fliegenpilz!

  2. Aren’t we all crazy about these mushrooms?!
    I always wanted to ask you if you knew what was going on on those blogs… good you found out šŸ™‚
    The adorable dress came from Nic (Luzia Pimpinella) by the way, Nic who kicked of the Fimo madness…

    Have a very good start into the next year, Kristin!

  3. I thought about you on Christmas. I opened a box of fancy chocolates. Each was decorated with a candy flower or leaf or ….. a red and white fliegenpilz mushroom! Thanks to you I now know the German name, but I couldn’t begin to pronounce it.

    Happy new year!

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