30 Dec

No Quilting; Knitting

I’ve been a bit mushroom mad here. My mom got me a cute mushroom book (by a woman named Katya) and both the knitting nancies I wanted. The first, a mushroom man, came with very Katja colored cotton yarn, so I’m going to make her a scarf:

Strickpilzzwerg and i-cords

Making i-cords with these has been great meditative fun while watching “Heroes” on my computer. I could stay inside all winter watching TV and “knitting” i-cords. I tried out the larger mushroom, but with my sock wool, it was a little too big and loose. Now the kids are using some chunkier wool and having a go at it. (And yes, I’ve gotten very tricky, adding beads to my i-cords. Unfortunately, the really cool ones don’t fit through the hole in the smaller mushroom man.)
Scale experiment with strickpilz

As long as I’m playing with wool, I decided to try to make a shrug of various brown yarns. I’ve limited myself to knitting only rectangles and using only simple stitches. I thought that I could make the shrug as a tube on my circular needles, but after a few false starts, I realized that the circulars were too big for the cuffs I had envisioned and I couldn’t bring enough stitches around to make a ring (if that makes any sense). Before resorting to making a rectangle and sewing up the ends for the sleeves, I took the plunge and got out my double pointed needles. (And why do I have dpns? I have no idea!) I’ve watched my neighbor M whip out many a sock on her miniscule dpns, so I figured I could at least try.

cuff WIP

I am knitting in the round with double pointed needles. I am making ribbing. I have not inadvertantly added or deleted stitches. I even plan to weigh the finished cuff so that I can be sure to reserve the same weight of yarn for the cuff on the other end (something I wouldn’t have even known to do if I hadn’t been reading blogs).  I am so proud of myself! I am even so proud that I will rip all this work out and start over with two ribs fewer so the cuff is a little tighter. (Swatches, we don’t need no stinkin’ swatches.)

6 thoughts on “No Quilting; Knitting

  1. I feel the same as you do about swatches. THat’s why when I knit slippers for myself last week, they were about size 10 mens but in a very cute ballet shoe type pattern. If I can find a woman with huge feet or a man with feminine tastes and big feet I may knit the other one. I’m glad to see you jumped in and tried the DPNs. They are easy once you get the first round done.

  2. since i had to rip a finished pullover for me and destroyed a finished vest for dh i MAKE swatches.
    i even wash or damp them – depending on what i do and what the finished piece will be.
    believe me – after your first project “für die tonne” you will make swatches to check gauge or whatever…

    btw: knitty has some very cool shrugs…

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  4. I have been reading with interest the i-pod story. What is this?

    Is it like the gadget we used to make out of an empty spool with four small nails around the top opening and then you would make a rope by weaving around the nails?

    Do you then tack the rope together to make the scarf?

    Love your site, by the way? You are very creative.

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