08 Aug

You Don’t Know Until You Know

Slowly but surely I am making progress on the Service Flag quilt. It is an older, traditional, project which I hope to give new life to and incorporate into my Army Wife series.

To go with the sheers

Part of the plan is to add a large shadow over the quilt — the looming presence of Uncle Sam. While it is relatively easy to find opalescent and even sparkly organza and other sheers, finding something matte is not so simple.

Auditioning sheers

I looked at the fabric stores here on Oahu and found nothing. I checked JoAnne’s and a large fabric store in Reno, NV while on vacation earlier this summer and found brown tulle and a taupe synthetic sheer. They weren’t exactly what I had in mind, but the price was right and I bought a few yards just in case.

Auditioning sheers

In New York last month we went to several fabric stores (including Mood — made famous by Project Runway) and found a wonderful taupe silk.

However, when I got home, the organza-type sheers were both too opaque. The silk definitely had the better hand and aesthetic, but the overall look was not right. I had been convinced that the tulle would be too subtle and not play well with my hand quilted and appliqued quilt. But, you never know until you see it in person, and one layer of tulle was just what the project needed. Good thing I had bought enough. And, the taupe sheers I don’t use for this will undoubtedly find homes in some other projects down the line.

6 thoughts on “You Don’t Know Until You Know

  1. I’m really looking fwd to seeing the finished piece. If you ask me there is a show case to your series, very publishable and – more important: publish-worthy!

    I am amazed by how you express yourself in fabric and your craft(wo)manship, you speak in a voice that is challenging and interesting as well as – presumably – healing!


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