29 Dec

It’s a Small Small World

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting a few bloggers in real-life. Textile artist and fellow lover of all things blue, Françoise and her husband, came all the way from Belgium to see the European Quilt Triennial and my show. Kate arranged for a friend to open the gallery just for us. My show got high praises from Françoise, and her husband as well; and we all agreed that if I’m still in Europe in three years, I could definitely enter a quilt into the next Triennial. (It blows me away, the male reaction to my quilts (or maybe it’s all art quilts — I don’t know). I expect women to like the work, but I’m surprised when men seem to like it even more.) Françoise promises to write an article on the two shows for the Belgian Patchwork Association Newsletter. International recognition — cool.

Out of pure, dumb luck, another blogger and her man dropped in as well. We chatted a bit (my conversational skills in German are quite limited) and I didn’t get around to asking if she’s Charlotte or Kerstin, the Kampfzwerg or the Hilfeelfe, but I do know we have a blogging friend in common — Mad Hatter Couch Pirate Katrin. BTW, you have to scroll down and check out the “Pimp my Manger” post on Elfenundkampfzwerge. Even if you can’t read German, the manger is gorgeous! (And if I had to guess, I’d say I met Charlotte who’s most likely the Kampfzwerg.)

It truly is a small world when technology (blogging) can bring people together regardless of geographic location and then even the geographic boundaries are broken down.

8 thoughts on “It’s a Small Small World

  1. Good guess! 😉 You’ve met the “better, but shorter” half of us. It was Charlotte.
    It’s always an astonishment to me when I see how many people read our blog. I’ve never thought that we get so many readers. When starting it, I thought only a “dirty dozen” would find it interesting. 😉
    Bad mistake!

  2. oh, I forgot to introduce myself, what a shame!
    of course, I am and was: charlotte
    I liked your work very much, especially the “alte brücke”, bad luck (for me 😉 ) that someone bought the castle.

    you mentioned you’re a teacher – is there a chance to learn quilting without joining the army? *lol*

    greets from mannheim

  3. It must be strange to meet someone you feel you already know. I have never met one of my blogger friends but my son met someone he’s been online friends with for 10 years. He said once he got used to the guy looking different than he thought it was just like they had been friends for ten years.

  4. envy pirate in bavaria. 😉
    still have to “work on the hubby” to get my trip to heidelberg to see the beautiful quilts and the quilter live. hope it will work.
    if you don´t do classes you can bring out a book so i can buy one. i just want an autograph on mine!

  5. I think, kristin, you should teach here in the area, volkshochschule or uso, as long as bloody germans can show up 😆 or for a chosen few on a private basis. I always want to learn more!

  6. Loved this post and the comments. I am having a vicarious thrill for you. And you did not tell me you had sold some work. Quilt mom needs to know everything.

  7. OK ladies, I’ll make you a deal — no book, but I’ll try to find an off-post place to teach in 2007. If the class in Halle goes well, there’s two shops between Mannheim and Heidelberg I can approach. First though, I need to work on what it is I’d be teaching … hmmmmm….

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