29 Jul

Circle of Friends

Do you know how sometimes you meet someone or do something and say, “hey, we should do ________!” but then you never do it? Four girlfriends and I just DID IT! It took about a year of planning, but we made it happen and it was great.

I just spent five days in New York with Natalya, Deborah, Robin, and Vivien immersed in all things fourty-something, mother, emerging fiber artist. We went to the Met, did some shopping in the garment district, watched and discussed the documentary “Who Does She Think She is?,” compared notes on career paths, and even had a lovely get-together with other local fiber artists.

It was/is so invigorating spending time with a like-minded group encouraging each other, getting behind the scenes insight on writing and other similar opportunities, comparing notes on possible shows to enter, trying some new techniques and materials, and taking advantage of each others’ talents (we had an impromptu photo shoot of some of my aprons on Natalya’s dress form with Robin’s photographic expertise (that’s her photo below)).

Speaking of Robin’s photos, click on her link above for a collection that pretty well encapsulates our time together. My favorite is this one which captures what we spent most of our time doing: sitting around talking about anything and everything (almost always fiber art related though we never stated any “rules” that we must stay on task), and taking notes, pulling out references — comfortable sharing our experiences with each other. Oh, and the laughter! There was so much laughter. Be it snarky laughter over incomprehensible art at the museums, sympathetic laughter over shared experiences, or just plain funny jokes and situational humor, we didn’t stop smiling the whole time.

We each left more focused, excited to tackle new projects or delve deeper into old ones. And although none of us had met in person all four of the others before the week started, the dynamic was amazing, and when we said “we should do this again,” I am certain that we will. Look out world!

15 thoughts on “Circle of Friends

  1. Thank you so much Kristin for summing it all up! That’s a great picture of us all! What will it be next?! We’ve do much to do together… It’s exciting to think of all the possibilities! “O” -Robin

  2. I can’t believe you were in NY. a half a block from my loft. ( I’m around the corner from mood.) sorry sorry to have missed you. Hope it was a great trip!

  3. So smart of you to have taken this opportunity! You have a way of leaving an imprint on people’s lives….lucky us!

  4. I am so happy for all of you. Do I see a new reality show? That is a show I’d actually watch. lol!

  5. Kristin, my circle of ‘handmade friends’ enjoyed the Long Beach Quilt Festival on Thursday evening. I spotted your rooted house quilt and felt happy to see your work ‘in person.’

  6. What a wonderful memory you all made – DOING rather than just thinking about it. I’m betting this will impact each of you much more than you imagine. Congratulations.

  7. Thank you so much for letting us know that you enjoyed the film and found yourselves celebrating your work and your lives.
    I will forward this if I can to the web site.
    Micki Seligson

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